Shelby Thorlacius

Digital Marketing Manager, Big Sky Resort

Shelby Thorlacius is the Digital Marketing Manager at Big Sky Resort, where she leads all email marketing efforts and oversees social media strategy. Shelby has been with Big Sky Resort since 2015 – during that time she has helped grow the Big Sky Resort social media audience by over 260%, and helped contribute to a 8x return on ad spend year over year. Shelby is an advocate for strong community relations, teamwork, transparency, and ski breaks. She likes to snowboard in the winter and mountain bike in the summer. To hold herself accountable, she is telling everyone she will train for the Rut Mountain Runs 28K…. starting today.

Is your business at a loss for marketing? Not sure where to invest your budget to drive the best return? Dive into how to increase revenue, create brand trust, and maintain brand loyalty in this Q&A with Shelby Thorlacius, Digital Marketing Manager at Big Sky Resort and Julia Bryant, Brand & Marketing Project Manager at the Governor’s Office of Economic Development