Rob Irizarry

Rob Irizarry, Director at Oracle

Rob is a technologist and entrepreneur who has spent four decades working with hardware and software in the finance, garment and automotive industries.

His experience spans public and private sector organizations from ten people to the Fortune 10 building systems, processes and teams in the United States, Europe, Asia, the Middle East and South Africa including a decade living and working in Asia.

He’s been involved in numerous companies in a variety of roles and spent time investing in and coaching startups and working to improve education at all levels to help prepare America’s youth for the technology that will shape their (and our country’s) future.

Specialties: Team Building & Leadership, Cloud Computing, Software as a Service, Startups, Entrepreneurship

COVID-19 has displaced hundreds of thousands of workers. Although painful, this has opened up the opportunity for entrepreneurship to many. In this video Diane Smith, Rob Irizarry, and Trevor Huffmaster, discuss the fundamentals to consider when starting a business.