Quentin Robinson

Founder and Lead Facilitator of Movements for Movements

Quentin Robinson, a US Marine Corps vet and Founder of Movement4Movement, started dancing 21 years ago and went from crafting his passion for dance in a basement to performing in front of millions. He has since devoted his time to humanitarian causes, traveling internationally for documentary film making, and working with organizations such as Camp Make Dream and Ronald McDonald Play House. Quentin believes that everyone, in their own way, can enjoy Dance. He aims to make that possible through educating and uplifting everyone with the power of movement. He has captivated audiences at the Innovate Montana Symposium, BIF, TEDx, VIDCON 2015-17, along with varies universities and companies across the globe. In 2016, Quentin captured 1st place in the open solo category of VIBE 2016 dance competition and toured with the off-Broadway performance Love Heals All Wounds. He was most recently featured on the Netflix series, “Move,” which premiered in October 2020.

Meet Quentin Robinson, Founder and Lead Facilitator of Movements for Movements. At the 2019 Innovate Montana Symposium, Quentin took the stage and shared how the art of movement breaks down barriers and frees expression. Listen to this motivational talk to inspire your next movement.