Pat LaPointe

Managing Director of Frontier Angels and Chairman of Early Stage Montana

Pat LaPointe is an angel and venture investor, and BoD/advisor to early-stage and growth companies, particularly data- and analytics-driven businesses and SaaS.

He has had some success as a founder or co-founder building and selling successful companies in the data-driven marketing sector. In particular, Pat has been able to drive revenue and margin growth for companies thru data-driven strategy, smart technology applications, product development, strong customer value delivery, and recruiting/training/coaching/mentoring high-performance sales, marketing, and customer success teams. He has generated hundreds of $millions of returns to shareholders. And he failed just often enough to maintain a healthy level of humility.

His areas of expertise include:

  • leading early-stage organizational alignment around growth strategy and execution
  • innovating in data-driven solutions for product design, bundling, packaging, and pricing
  • driving sales effectiveness with smarter hiring, training, and sales management processes
  • improving marketing effectiveness with data- and metrics-driven strategies
  • “whole-brain” thinking – from technical/analytical level to c-suite business context and back again
  • inspiring organizational adoption of analytics, attribution, optimization, simulation, and metrics
  • transforming services models into recurring revenue through technology integration

His interests now focus on accelerating the professionalization of early-stage investing and helping entrepreneurs overcome obstacles by connecting them with the training and mentorship and capital they need to grow. Pat currently manages an incredible group of angel investors in Montana and two investment funds.

Can you still raise money for your high growth company during a pandemic – especially in Montana? Join Pat LaPointe, Managing Director of Frontier Angels and Chairman of Early Stage Montana, for a in-depth look at how to seek funding in a challenging market and plan for the impact of COVID.