Kenneth F. Martinez


Kenneth Martinez is an Industrial Hygienist and Environmental Engineer with experience in leading and conducting large-scale research; managing programs in occupational safety and health, and emergency response; and creating and teaching professional development courses. Kenneth brings 33 years of CDC expertise in the area of hazardous agent exposure characterization and mitigation control practices in the manufacturing and healthcare industry. He is a recognized subject matter expert in biological agents including infectious disease and bioterrorism agents.

Over a nine-year period for CDC, Kenneth served in numerous emergency response field leadership roles including the World Trade Center collapse, anthrax, SARS, multi-drug resistant TB, hurricane emergency responses (Katrina and Wilma) and the Deep-Water Horizon oil spill. As a subject matter expert on biological threat agents, Kenneth has provided counsel and leadership to senior management of other federal agencies including providing testimony before a congressional sub-committee on Capitol Hill, presenting before senior leaders of the OSTP, GAO, USPS, DHS, EPA, and FBI and serving on a CDC team tasked to provide responses and a strategic plan to the Pandemic and All-Hazards Preparedness Act (PAHPA).

During 2009, the H1N1 pandemic, Kenneth coordinated and directed education through media communication to over 600 Cincinnati NIOSH staff. His research efforts in bioaerosols have resulted in 37 peer-reviewed journal articles and book chapters; 32 NIOSH technical reports; over 100 technical presentations at scientific meetings; and courses on bioaerosols targeted at the local, state, and national level. For HWC, Kenneth currently serves as a Jurisdictional Coordinator for two BioWatch jurisdictions. He previously served as BioWatch Environmental Assessment (EA) team lead (served simultaneously as Field Ops lead in 2017) until November 2018.

Through the stress and turmoil of COVID-19, many individuals and industries have felt the pain points and challenges of reopening their businesses to the public. In this video, Jayne Morrow, Jim Swan, Kali Wicks, Kenneth Martinez, assess of the current challenges and discuss innovative solutions to safely move forward.