Jon Wick

Owner and Lead Designer at 5518 Designs 

Originally from Wisconsin, Jon Wick got to Montana as soon as he could, as a fifth grade teacher and coach in Philipsburg. After spending a year abroad teaching in South Korea with his wife Cassie, he came home to attend graduate school in Montana Tech’s Technical Communication department to stoke his creative side.

In 2012, Jon started 5518 Designs, a branding, graphics, and print design company proudly based in Butte. Jon’s design work was awarded the 2013 Butte-Silverbow Moving Mountains Award and was named a Distinguished Alumni of Montana Tech in 2015.

In 2016, 5518 Designs expanded into a retail location at 27 N. Main Street in Butte, Montana, in the historic Chequamequon Building, offering their very own brand of outdoor and recreation inspired apparel line, in addition to offering custom merchandising packages and creative business solutions.

The 5518 style of SimplePlaces graphics emerged out of Jon’s love of traveling, adventure, and the inspiration gained from experiences spent exploring. As a cancer survivor at 33 years old, Jon’s experience inspired the creation of these designs to both escape the complexity of society and encourage others to find the value in life’s simplest forms. His art allows us to reconnect both within ourselves and to the great connection and community we all share… whether on a mountainside, a river, our backyard, or a festival.

Jon was honored with the 2016 Butte Local Development Young Professional of the Year award and named a 2018 Montana Standard 20 under 40 recipient.

5518 Designs strives to produce and create high-quality, unique products that mean something real to each of us.

Meet Jon Wick, Owner and Lead Designer at 5518 Designs in Butte, Montana. Jon has an incredible story that showcases the strength and resilience of an entrepreneur. Jon was a speaker at the 2019 Innovate Montana Symposium, and recently shared an update from the past year, managing a business through COVID and finding new opportunities throughout the pandemic.