Jayne Morrow

MSU Extension, Clean 2020

Dr. Morrow is an accomplished engineer with a broad portfolio of technical program and policy development expertise relevant to the priorities in United States and International science community. She is adept at assessing data needs, knowledge gaps to foster confident decision-making founded on scientific evidence. Dr. Morrow’s research portfolio has enabled measurement assurance in the fields of biological science, complex microbial systems and ecosystems, and natural and engineered environmental systems.  Her research portfolio has included a focus on characterizing microbial surface colonization and the measurement capabilities and standards needed to create a foundation for innovation and method validation for sample collection for which she was recognized with the Presidential Early Career in Science and Engineer (PECASE) award in 2011.  Her research program development at NIST led to foundational measurement science to support metrics for microbial identification, biosurveillance, response and recovery. The early research and standards development activities have led to impacts in clinical diagnostics, environmental characterization, microbial identification and detection, microbial forensics and microbiome research at NIST. Dr. Morrow led collaboration and communication across sectors, industries and stakeholders to generate consensus standards for biothreat response and sample collection (ASTM E2458 and E2770).

She recently joined Montana State University working to develop stronger connections between science, technology and research among academia, industry and government agencies. At MSU she serves as the Assistant Vice President of Research and Economic Development a position created to strategically grow MSU’s research portfolio. She has a B.Sc. degree in Civil Engineering from Montana State University as well as a M.S. and Ph.D. in Environmental Engineering with a specialty in molecular and microbiology from the University of Connecticut. She is passionate about living rural and works remote out of Chinook, Montana.

Through the stress and turmoil of COVID-19, many individuals and industries have felt the pain points and challenges of reopening their businesses to the public. In this video, Jayne Morrow, Jim Swan, Kali Wicks, Kenneth Martinez, assess of the current challenges and discuss innovative solutions to safely move forward.