Grant Kier

President and Chief Executive Officer at the Missoula Economic Partnership

Grant Kier brings a commitment to excellence and a balance of mission focus, analytical depth, and executive leadership to MEP. Prior to MEP, he provided a decade of executive leadership to Missoula’s Five Valleys Land Trust from 2007 to 2017, establishing it as one of the most respected and successful conservation organizations in the state and one of the most successful land trusts in the country. His work in conservation helped families expand their businesses and helped communities around Missoula County tap into the growing recreation and tourism economy. Grant demonstrated his commitment and passion to economic development in his service on the Missoula Economic Partnership Board, included serving as the Treasurer. He has a Master’s degree in Geology from the University of Colorado.

COVID-19 has dealt severe harm to communities large and small. In this video Grant Kier, Cassandra Sunell, and Shandy Hanks-Moran discuss strategies for revitalizing growth and community pride through a global pandemic. This video references additional downloadable materials linked below.