David Yakos

Director of Creativity at Salient Technologies and Streamline Design

David Yakos is an inventor, designer, artist, and engineer. As Co-Founder of Salient Technologies he is named on dozens of patents and has designed hundreds of products from Prototype-of-the-Year by Popular Science to cryogenic control valves for NASA’s spacecraft. Salient is a Bozeman-based product design firm that helps leading brands and start-ups achieve a competitive edge in the marketplace. Salient handles industrial design, prototype development and design for manufacturing for most consumer industries. As someone who also loves creating fun, he licenses out toy and game ideas out of his invention house, Streamline Design LLC. Inventor/designer of toys and games that have been nominated 4 times for Toy-of-the-Year, he was named the industry’s 2016 Toy-Innovator-of-the Year, a global recognition he is currently nominated for again for 2020.

Product development is an art and a science. In this video, David Yakos, Steve Downer, and Tate Chamberlin discuss product development in the toys and games industry and how they harness their passion for their businesses. Learn how to build a company culture that inspires creativity and freedom of expression.