Cece Renick

Enterprise Account Manager at Chili Piper

Cece’s diverse background combines all the best aspects of Customer Success, Sales, and Hospitality. Cece is a founding member of the Account Management team at Chili Piper, a fully distributed company of more than 60 employees in 16 countries across 53 cities – exploding from just 12 employees when she joined in early 2019. Cece spent 20 years living and working in Bozeman in addition to serving in leadership positions on several non-profit boards of directors. Chili Piper is a SaaS company that helps modern revenue teams automate their scheduling and convert leads into meetings, instantly.

COVID-19 has accelerated many trends one of the most important is certainly remote work. Watch as Cece Renick, Erica Mackey, and Kathleen O’Leary discuss this trend and the challenges and opportunities it presents.