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Host of “CAN DO: Essential Business Lessons." Business advice for uncertain times” at Montana Public Radio

Executive Director of Opportunity Link

CEO of Coaster Cycles and C.C. Face Shields

COVID-19 has accelerated many trends one of the most important is certainly remote work. Watch as Cece Renick, Erica Mackey, and Kathleen O’Leary discuss this trend and the challenges and opportunities it presents.

Marketing Director at BLDC

Enterprise Account Manager at Chili Piper

COO of LifeScore and Founder of Women of Winter

COVID-19 has dealt severe harm to communities large and small. In this video Grant Kier, Cassandra Sunell, and Shandy Hanks-Moran discuss strategies for revitalizing growth and community pride through a global pandemic. This video references additional downloadable materials linked below.

Director of Creativity at Salient Technologies and Streamline Design

CEO of Goodworks Ventures

COVID-19 has displaced hundreds of thousands of workers. Although painful, this has opened up the opportunity for entrepreneurship to many. In this video Diane Smith, Rob Irizarry, and Trevor Huffmaster, discuss the fundamentals to consider when starting a business.

CEO of DSmith & Associates and Founder of American Rural

COVID-19 has rapidly changed the business environment and has caused many companies to re-evaluate their growth strategies. In this video, Toby O’Rourke and Lt. Governor Mike Cooney discuss how KOA’s strategy has evolved and continued to thrive through challenging times.

Who are you as an entrepreneur? In this video, Diane Smith shares actionable advice on how to map a foundation for the success of your business and your future in entrepreneurship.

CEO of myVillage

President and Chief Executive Officer at the Missoula Economic Partnership

For businesses seeking to rapidly scale, outside capital is a requirement. In this video Dawn McGee, Arnie Sherman, and Susan Carstensen discuss the best way to present your company to investors and raise money.

Moving your business online to grow your customer base and provide an additional revenue stream has never been more crucial. In this video, Michelle Huie will share the keys to successfully moving your brick-and-mortar online.

What does the next year look like for your business? In this video, Julie Jaksha shares how to properly plan your finances and business operations for the next 12 months.

MSU Extension, Clean 2020

RJS & Associates, Inc.

Owner and Lead Designer at 5518 Designs 

Brand & Marketing Project Manager, Governor’s Office of Economic Development

Regional Director at Headwaters RC&D

Blue Cross Blue Shield

Deputy Commissioner at DLI

COVID-19 has challenged how businesses lead and make difficult decisions in a time of crisis. In this video, Governor Steve Bullock and Reid Hoffman, co-founder of LinkedIn and partner at Greylock Partners, discuss how to approach leadership and guide an organization through uncertainty.

Founder & CEO, VIM & VIGR Stylish Compression Legwear

Lt. Governor of Montana

Through the stress and turmoil of COVID-19, many individuals and industries have felt the pain points and challenges of reopening their businesses to the public. In this video, Jayne Morrow, Jim Swan, Kali Wicks, Kenneth Martinez, assess of the current challenges and discuss innovative solutions to safely move forward.

Managing Director of Frontier Angels and Chairman of Early Stage Montana

Paul Gladen, Director of Blackstone Launchpad at the University of Montana

For a business the decision on when to pivot and what to pivot to can be the difference between success and failure. Watch as Ben Morris and Paul Gladen discuss the decision to pivot operations at Coaster Cycles and how they made sure it was the right strategic decision for the company.

Is your business at a loss for marketing? Not sure where to invest your budget to drive the best return? Dive into how to increase revenue, create brand trust, and maintain brand loyalty in this Q&A with Shelby Thorlacius, Digital Marketing Manager at Big Sky Resort and Julia Bryant, Brand & Marketing Project Manager at the Governor’s Office of Economic Development

Founder and Lead Facilitator of Movements for Movements

Can you still raise money for your high growth company during a pandemic – especially in Montana? Join Pat LaPointe, Managing Director of Frontier Angels and Chairman of Early Stage Montana, for a in-depth look at how to seek funding in a challenging market and plan for the impact of COVID.

Co-Founder of LinkedIn

Rob Irizarry, Director at Oracle

SBDC Regional Director at the Great Northern Development Corporation

Digital Marketing Manager, Big Sky Resort

Governor of Montana

Lead Creative at The Difference Consulting

Meet Chris Walch, COO of Lifescore, an AI-driven adaptive music-scoring tool. Chris is based in Bozeman, Montana where she founded Women of Winter, an event that highlights women in winter sports and shares their stories. Gain insight and perseverance from this fireside chat with Chris Walch and Rob Irizarry, Director of Oracle Service Cloud Center of Excellence.

Meet Jon Wick, Owner and Lead Designer at 5518 Designs in Butte, Montana. Jon has an incredible story that showcases the strength and resilience of an entrepreneur. Jon was a speaker at the 2019 Innovate Montana Symposium, and recently shared an update from the past year, managing a business through COVID and finding new opportunities throughout the pandemic.

Meet Quentin Robinson, Founder and Lead Facilitator of Movements for Movements. At the 2019 Innovate Montana Symposium, Quentin took the stage and shared how the art of movement breaks down barriers and frees expression. Listen to this motivational talk to inspire your next movement.

Founding Partner at Yellowstone Growth Partners

Founder of Blunderbuss and Host of I Am Interchange

Product development is an art and a science. In this video, David Yakos, Steve Downer, and Tate Chamberlin discuss product development in the toys and games industry and how they harness their passion for their businesses. Learn how to build a company culture that inspires creativity and freedom of expression.

Director, MSU Blackstone Launchpad